Word of the day: goofball. 

You know when you watch a scary film and you have to move with the light on, turning one on in the next room, before turning he one off in the current room, you’re a bit jumpy… no, is that just this goofball then..? Well, as I’ve been going up to bed, I’ve been using a flashlight for ‘guidance’ (an olight baton s20 if anyone is interested, it’s a good light 🍻) with some sort of odd backwards shimmy type affair up the stairs, no idea why, I’m guessing it has something to do with someone creeping up behind me, but I’ve already locked up the doors and re-checked them… I guess my mind is just trying to play ricks on me. I did do the old, I’m staying up late so I don’t have to go to sleep routine again last night, that needs to stop. 

I had been thinking about taking my daughter camping, just the two of us, just one night and only somewhere local. I was thinking this before last Monday, today would have been one of my rest days anyway. But I’m not sure how I feel about it now in all honesty, being out in the middle of nowhere, effectively, on our own, I don’t know how to describe I feel about it. I know I am happy sat in my house, maybe somewhere small with a few people? I know that big places that are full make me feel a bit funny! But an empty, unfamiliar place with no one around… used to sound like bliss to me, now I’m not so sure..? 
Anyway, I woke up a couple of times, I only remember two, so that’s a bit better, when I woke up, I switched my phone on and did the old checking on what’s happened over night and just laid in bed, my little girl was up and she sneaked in and came to lay on the bed next to me, we chatted to see what she wanted to do for the day. Looks like we are going for a walk. We did go for a walk, my daughter with her scooter, it was nothing special, but it was special. 

The rest of the day has just been… meh… good old meh!

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