Stuff it, time for a beer!

The 1st of June, it’s a new, fresh, month, blue sky’s with the odd fluffy white cloud dotted about, I want today to be a good day!
Today, I am meeting up with my two colleagues that I have become more friendly with over the past week. I only started at this new place a few weeks back so I’m still the new guy. We are meeting up with a photographer to have our picture taken for a newspaper article. One of the lads spoke to a journalist over the phone yesterday, putting our side of the story across, which is slightly different than everyone else’s due to the people we helped and the time in which we got to the scene. We discussed it as a team of three, whether we all wanted to do it or not. It wasn’t an easy decision really. We have been dead against it, but after seeing so many people giving their version of events and some of them, we felt, we’re not necessarily accurate, so, the only thing for it is to tell a little bit of our story. I know my story will be different to my two colleagues as we all saw and did different things, but to have one account out there that is similar to the other two’s, is only a good thing.
The amount of people that I ‘know’ that were at the arena and/or were injured keeps going up. One of my mother and fathers neighbours, the mother, the father and a daughter were all injured, quite seriously by all accounts, the father will be released from hospital today, the daughter at some point this week and the mother is still not well enough to be released. They were in he foyer, and as I have no real idea as to what they look like, could have been someone that I saw, potentially helped, who knows. I’m just glad that they’re ‘ok’. I like hearing of people that were in the foyer and are doing ok, there were so many people that were in a critical condition, the 22, could have easily risen.
The positive mood was sort of working, a few cups of coffee and a chat with another visitor went well, getting ready to leave for having a photo taken and I get a phone call from the National Crime Agency, that pretty much changed the mood instantly.
I toddled off to meet the other two lads and the photographer, I was early. So I sat thinking about the statement, I began to realise how hard that it would be. I got out of the car and walked down to where I could see my mates. The photographer wasn’t long after, we introduced ourselves and walked up into the station to speak to the station supervisor and see if we were ok getting a photo. We weren’t, I guess the 3 of us should have probably known that anyway. The photographer ended up chatting with a press officer over the phone and basically got a bit of a telling off. So that was a wasted bit of time. I can understand why but it is a little frustrating. It took a lot for my colleague to write his story down and email it over to some guy, he got it off his chest, in the same way that this blog has got a few bits off my chest and made me feel a bit better. I know that the other lads were upset that we have been told that we cannot speak to the press at all, I get that in a way, but in another way, I don’t… how well, I have to get home, I’ve bigger things to be thinking about.
As I pulled up at home, I scanned the street to see if there were any vehicles there that I didn’t recognise, to see if the Police had come early. As I put my key in the door, my hands were shaking, I had what I can only describe as ‘butterflies’ in my stomach. I was extremely nervous about doing the statement, but I was greeted to a nice little hug off my little girl which put a smile on my face. When they arrived, they were two nice chaps, reassuring, went through a bit of information for me, and asked me to tell them what I’d seen, from the start to a point… I was relieved that they didn’t necessarily want to know everything from the inside of the foyer, just a generalisation of that part, but the time leading up to it was more of interest to them. Which was a massive relief to me really. Still Yeah brought it all flooding back, not that it has left my mind since but, as the whole story and not individual parts of it.
Anyway, after they had gone, my wife said something, nothing really, I can’t even remember what it was now, that rage came back, luckily at the same sort of time my daughter said she wanted to go out… so I decided to take her far a walk, we didn’t go far, but it was nice to be with her as she was running, playing happily and chatting to me, got me upset a little when I thought about… well, you know.
On the way back, I found a ladies purse on the side of the road, it had a driving licence and bank cards in it, the address is a local one, but nowhere near to where it was. I posted on a local page on Facebook and someone got back to me, I managed to message the owner and she came to collect it but had already cancelled her bank cards, at least she doesn’t have to get a new driving licence or work cards etc, good deed for the day done!
This is another good thing about Facebook… but… I am thinking about ditching it again…🤔
But… the jeans I am wearing, my favourite jeans… I seem to have managed to rip them… then I shave my head with my cut throat and slice a chunk out of it…. stuff it… it is definitely time for a beer!