It’s Ink’in Friday!

I had a reasonably good nights sleep last night but I am so tired, absolutely shattered really! We got up, came down stairs and I made breakfast for me and my daughter…I think I dozed off on the sofa… again! No idea what’s going on there 😂.
Today is tattoo day! Getting a tattoo is no issue at all, hopefully I’ll fall asleep like I normally do and get a bit of a nap in.
Finding s pair of jeans that I wanted to wear after the ones I was wearing yesterday ripped…there was a bit more of a task… so much so, I gave up and put shorts on instead! Didn’t seem that much of a bad idea until I came to walk up to the tattoo shop in he rain, you know, that fine rain that soaks you through 😂
Getting tattooed isn’t an issue, I was expecting to be on the bed… but wasn’t… so no afternoon nap for me. Instead, I got to chew the fat with a mate, about bikes, music, ladies….kids… the usual stuff I guess, that in itself was good! After 4 hours in the chair, he has done me proud, exactly what I wanted, nothing ordinary and totally unique, a bee, with a Lancashire rose and 2 different mandalas that form the wings. I’ll include a little shot of half way through at the end.

I walked home, in that fine rain again but got in at around 1900, I had literally just missed the UPS guy…. there was a massive box waiting for me…! I was surprised, shocked even, when I opened it up! It was a large hamper off a group of 9 friends that form a ‘group’ that I am part of called the edccooperative I am over the moon to say the least! Anyway, I am off to clean my tattoo and grab a beer and try to enjoy the night.

I have been reminded today, not that I had forgot, that I really do have some amazing friends around me! Thank you!