Embargo my behind!

I didn’t have the best nights sleep last night…. mainly because of the tattoo in all honesty. I put some tattoo goo healing cream stuff on it and to save any earache from manangement, I wrapped it in cling film, it isn’t the most ideal thing to do…. I got up, took it off and put a long sleeve shirt on instead, so that it can still breath! I woke up to glorious blue skies and a phone full of notifications! Yesterday, a good friend of mine shared a post on Facebook and twitter, naming my two colleagues and myself as being part of the first responders on that Monday. As I have said before, I don’t want to be classed as a hero, I’m not a hero, I did what any decent human being would have done and ran to aid those in need! As we have had a bit of a media embargo thing slapped on us, she made this post, the response has been staggering, to say the least but, there are literally thousands of people using the term heroes to describe the three of us…! We don’t want a pat on the back and out pictures splashed everywhere, it took us a long time to decide to contact the Manchester Evening News in the first place and then when they asked for photos, that was another long conversation between the three of us to see if we were all happy and comfortable with it. The whole thing isn’t something that we have taken lightly. I don’t know why we aren’t allowed to talk to the media, but I had a phone call from my regional manager, he’s new to the company (as am I for that matter) and I only met him on hay Tuesday morning, but he seems like a decent bloke by all accounts. He wasn’t aware of the media debacle and is more than happy for us to move forwards and get our story out there… but it isn’t him that is stopping us from doing it, he said he will try and sort it and help us in anyway we need. So we have got support from our company and they’re just giving us our space, which is honourable. 

This was all made worse when we were told that the rest of the lads from the counciling course had all been interview for sky news, were invited to a nice event with prince William and had told their story. Why weren’t we invited? Why, more importantly, were we not allowed to speak to he media..? Is it because we won’t be wearing a uniform with their logo on it..? Are we just expected to take it on the chin and act like we weren’t there..? As I have mentioned ed, there were arena staff as well as parents of children that had been contacted and were safe, all helping out in that foyer, none of them will have got their story out either. It is quite upsetting really. Probably made me a little angry in a way as well. 

I like gin… I think we have already discovered that… for Christmas, my wife surprised me with some ‘Gin festival’ tickets as a gift. We had said that we weren’t going to go anymore as they were a bit samey samey and I knew a lot more than the people giving the talks, so it was a waste really. But this one is local, in a village just up the road, so it has a bit more of an appeal and could be totally different. We will give it a try. Anyway, fast forwards a few months, I get a new job and I am rota’d on for this Saturday, it is highly unlikely that I will get the day off as no one seems to get Saturdays off… ever! So we had come to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to happen, management spoke to a couple of people about going, it fell through at the last minute. I am going to go… I feel guilty about doing so, for a few reasons, enjoying myself, when there are still folks in hospital, some still in a very bad way. I know that it shouldn’t really, but that keeps popping into my head, I feel… responsible in a way for all those people, I can’t explain it really. I’d really like to know how the people in hospital are doing, especially the ones I helped in some way, to put my mind at ease I guess. Plus, it doesn’t help having the hormones of a 14year old girl again, good mood, bad mood, angry mood, emotional mood, all in the space of 2 minutes.

Another little thing that I have noticed, not using certain words, orally or verbally. Yesterday, I so wanted to say something, instead of over the moon, something that would normally be in my vocabulary, yet I avoided it, some things just don’t seem right, if you get what I mean..?
We got a taxi to the place, we were early, so we walked around a little, chatting, in all honesty, this was probably the first time where I have had a proper chat with my wife, just about random things, it felt good. When the hall opened, we were there straight away, when we went upstairs, to where the festival was being held, there were already a lot of people up there, straight away I felt a little anxious, small place, lots of people… We had a walk round, up and down, through the people, definitely made me a little more relaxed, especially seeing as though we had seen a few familiar faces. The festival was t all that bad, basically tried a couple of gins that I’d never had before and just chatted with my wife, which like I say, was a good thing in itself. 

It was a nice day. 

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