A little detective work

Today hasn’t been that bad of a day, I got my daughter dressed, well she does that part herself but I had to spend extra time on her hair, ready for her school photo… which happens to be tomorrow and not today. I’ve been thinking about a lot today, proper time to process things I guess, being alone. And then when everyone is home, one little thing, me putting the blinds how I like them and not how somebody else likes them infuriates me, I took myself off upstairs to be on my own… again… out of the way! I was that angry I was contemplating just walking out of the door and going to the pub for a pint… but decided against it when I realised I had no cash in my pocket! 😂
I had tried to find a few people that I can remember from the night at the arena. The ones that I helped, could help, but to no avail. 

After my friend heather shared a little post on Facebook last week and it went ‘viral’ I’ve had a lot of messages and comments on it, so has Heather. She managed to track a lad that was photographed helping a lady. That guy is going to see the lady in hospital this evening, I think they’re both really brave for doing so, and Heather is a star for working on it for a few days to find it all out and get them connected. Anyway, I thought I’d have a look again, I know 4 names of people from that night that haven’t been named in the news, so I did a little bit of detective work of my own. Two names came up after not that long of searching this afternoon, they are relatives of each other, I sat with them, holding a hand for the longest part, chatting, attempting a bit of first aid, then I sat with them and helped the paramedics with them as well, holding a drip, cutting a trainer off, the usual, I was with them right until they left the building to go to hospital, and then, I didn’t say goodbye to either of them, if that is appropriate, or is that just a British thing to do..? Even though both of their conditions had worsened some what, as I was helping a group of paramedics with something else… enough on that. 

They came up in an internet search, their family have set up a gofundme page to raise money for their donkey sanctuary whilst they’re still in hospital. And that’s what I found. It has upset me a little but it also pleased me to know that their family have been there for them and they’re on the mend…even though they are still in hospital today!!!!

I was posed a question, ‘do you want me to get the ward info for them both as we know the hospital, so you can go and visit them?’ Now, no beating about the bush here, I said No. My thoughts behind that answer were, it upset me a little when I ‘found’ them, but it could upset the both of them a lot more than me, that is of course if they remembered me, they may just remember a bearded fluorescent gorilla leaning over them talking crap and asking random questions to keep them talking, it could bring back memories from that night that they may have started to forget… well, process and try to forget. My being there could be really shit for them. I am happy to know that they’re both… well… I hope they are. I know that they’ve both had multiple surgeries since then and at least one of them will be in hospital for a few more weeks, having another procedure tomorrow I believe, taking it up to four!!!

If you want to have a read of their story, and maybe donate whatever you can, that would mean a great deal to me, I’ll include the link below. 
I think I’ll go back down stairs now… I may still have that beer…