Raw, I say RAW milk!

Saturday was a bit of a write off in all honesty. Mini me wasn’t well, management had a hangover and I was just in a bad mood compounded by he fact I was tired. It was good to see that management had a good time with her buddies at the band contest, I cannot remember the last time that I saw her even tiddly, it was funny and I am glad that she let off a little steam, something she never gets to do… I didn’t ridicule her… much 😂. We sat together, watched a couple of films and not much else really. I wasn’t in the best of moods, I should have gone to meet a comedian friend in Manchester, I didn’t, I was supposed to meet my dad and brother for a beer.. I didn’t. I just went into a staring at nothingness phase… until I went to bed… and then I had the same images as usual flashing through my mind which wasn’t a good start to the sleep…or lying in bed awake routine, whatever you want to call it. 

We woke up on Sunday, all a bit refreshed and ready to go… after a coffee of course, quick look at the news and then onto listening to a bit of music whilst getting ready to go out. It is ‘open farm sunday’ we’ve been a few years on the run since my little girl has arrived on the scene. It’s where farms all round the country, open their doors to the public so you can go in, see how they work, what they do, meet the animals, tractor rides, sample produce etc. It’s always been a good day. I decided to invite my brother for the day, to half make amends for yesterday, plus, I don’t get to see him that often anyway. The place we chose was only 15 or so miles from home… it had an ice cream parlour attached, need I say more! I think you’ve gathered by now that I like a good ice cream. 

My brother drove over to mine and we went from there, it wasn’t too far, a nice drive over, sun was out wished I was on my bike, but that’s another story altogether. We got there, it was really windy on top of the hill, loads of vendors inside a barn selling their wares, had a couple of onion Bhajis that were nice, tried raw milk, which is one of the things we’ve been wanting to get for a long while. Raw milk was so creamy, tasty, it was amazing, we got 2 litres of it out of their vending machine to take away with us. We all had in ice cream, I opted for the ‘dime bar’ flavour, which was a good choice by all accounts, thick, rich, creamy, tasty…!

We were there for a couple of hours, fed a calf or two, went on a tractor ride and then decided we were going to go to a pub on the way back that had a kids play area and have a pint. Within 5 minutes of setting off, the heavens opened! We still drove to the specific pub, even though it was a slight detour as well, pulled up and had a quick chat and decided that it was off to my brothers house, via the shop for a few beers. We later found out that my parents had also arranged to visit his house and had already arranged to have some food there, most probably a takeaway! As the three beers I bought from the coop went down, I was ready for a curry, it didn’t help that it was windy and I could smell the curry house every so often. Anyway, we had to go, school tomorrow and what not, it was too late to eat. We got home, I looked in my depleted stock of beer and pulled out a bottle of brewdog, dead pony club. Management said ‘oooh, you having another beer?’ I replied with a comment, ‘yeah, well, there’s fuck all else to do’ meaning that the bath was on, tv would be crap, so I’ll sit, have a read and a beer… well… that was it… I may as well have ripped her shirt open, hooked her feet from under her, squatted and shat on her face! ‘What’s up with you now, why are you in a bad mood’. I could feel myself going into a bit of a mood for the past 2 hours or so, but now, we’ve just lit a glass milk bottle and smashed it at my feet, well and truly stoked that fire! 

So, off I toddler to the conservatory with my dead pony club and a national geographic…. and the menu for the takeaway!

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