Whits about you on Witt Friday!

The last couple of days have been up and down really, I’ve felt good and bad. We managed to watch a film last night. Lucy, not a bad film really by all accounts. I went to bed when It finished…. and sat there for hours with thoughts going through my mind… not good ones… when I eventually went to sleep, the thoughts were still there and I woke up a few times, probably the worst sleep I have had in a couple of weeks! I don’t know why it has regressed so much..?In the past couple of days, I have been contacted by my company and also the people who we subcontract for, regarding a few of the recent events that I’ve mentioned, the media block etc. Apparently the guy that was interviewed, shouldn’t have been and the reporter was told by police not to interview anyone, just take photos..? Our media block was because there have been some unscrupulous news sources trying to glean information out of people, gory information.. which is just sick! And also, we, the three of us have been invited to a get together, I can’t say too much, but I am not sure that I will be going as I wouldn’t feel comfortable..🤔

We wake up this morning to the ‘results’ of the election, and at the time of me writing this, it is a ‘hung parliament’. If you voted for one specific person and they didn’t get in, this may be better than the opposition getting in..? Either way.. it would have been so much better to be a clear win by one party or another. Share prices have already dropped. We’re probably the laughing stock of the world right now..? Or, we are going to be more respected as our democratic right has been exercised to the fullest..?

Today is ‘Whit Friday’ and it’s a big thing in these parts. Ordinarily we would book the day off work, they close the roads at certain times and we wouldn’t get home, we’d have to leave our car and walk a distance to get to the front door, queue in traffic….. or we could join in with the festivities… which involves beer… it’s a no brainer. Whit Friday has been described as ‘the greatest free show on Earth’, the Saddleworth & District Whit Friday Brass Band Contests take place every year on the afternoon and carries on into the evening. 

The earliest recorded band contest was in 1884! Last year there were over a hundred brass bands that participated in some twenty different contests at venues scattered around the local villages and towns, all of which are on the western edge of the Pennines. The area has a very strong tradition of brass band music. Some bands travel from overseas to compete, Australia, Italy, Sweden to name a few, then there are local school bands as well, they all travel to as many places as possible, the best bands really are world class. From the age of 14/15, it was something that I could ride up to, on my bike from my house, sneak a few beers to and enjoy time with friends… well, I’m sure they used me as I could buy alcohol. It is much the same now, other than I don’t have to sneak the beer. My daughter is walking with her school so it’s an ‘early’ start at school at around 0930… but we will be out all day, we will have a picnic with us and all my beer of course. 

We met in the village and walked up to on of the churches, it was a big thing, even the Arch Bishop of York was here. The band was playing, then the clergy started doing there bit. I’ve never really believed in God.. well I haven’t, the earth is round and was created by a Big Bang, anyway, as they were talking, I couldn’t help think how much it was all bullshit, religion in general, believe what you want, I will never hold it against you, hold it against you, judge you or think any less of you for it, but, who, if there was which a think, would let twenty two innocent people die, then eight more.. and that’s just here, all over the world in the past few weeks, there have been multiple terror acts, some of which there has been no word in the media, these were apparently in the name of a religion…one today in Turkey… so I just found myself starring in to space, not paying attention, there’s nothing that could be said to change my view. But… but… I have fond memories of this time of year from my childhood, spending whit with my grandparents at the church they went to, the one I was christened, married in and will probably have my funeral in. Doing the whit walks with the Cubs, Scouts, Cadets, getting dressed up. 

It was good to see that so many people had turned out and ‘made an effort’. 

Once we’d done the walk and we’re back at school, there was an arranged school picnic/lunch type affair, once the Arch Bishop of York had said grace, they could dig in. 

After the kids had their lunch, everyone walked over to the sports field where there was going to be a little bit of a sports day, kids and adults races took place… the adults had their picnic, I had my Pork and Chorizo pie from the butchers, along with a can of beer that I had been saving and was really looking forwards to trying. It was one from the ‘Northern Monk’ brewery, in Leeds, I was supposed to go for a day out a couple of weeks back, but didn’t make it, so this was the bitter sweet. I’m glad I saved it, it was a nice beer to sit in the sun drinking. 

There were a few races, some kids were interested, some weren’t, they were more happy running round with their mates, it was a good time. The sports events went on for about 2 hours or so, we went back to the car, got a few provisions and went up to the village square so we could set up camp to see the bands play for the band contest and start enjoining the beer… as it happens, I ended up not drinking a lot of beer, my little girl wasn’t feeling too good, but, a good time was had by all. 

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