One won’t hurt.

It’s Wednesday, a couple of days have passed, I’m not going to lie, if not been in the best of moods. Monday, I was in a stinking mood, maybe from the lack of sleep from the previous night, I chanced it and stayed up to watch a film, but then had the usual going on in my head. I got up, did the school run, came home, lay on the front room floor and caught up on recorded TV programmes, not moving, not even to go and get some food sorted, until I had to go and do the school run in reverse. Don’t ask me what I watched as I can’t really remember, I wasn’t paying that much attention 😂We have been invited to go to the arena on Friday, for a private visit… whilst it was positive, it just compounded my thoughts about that night, and kept it at the front of my mind for a lot longer. I’m not sure If I want to do the visit. I do want to go to the arena at some point but, this week… when it’s empty… I’m not 100% sold on it. It will be a proper affair, for all the first responders, councillors will be there and everything…

Two of us were looking to go back to work this week… ideally Tuesday as that was the start of the rota’d week for us, but we haven’t had the all clear as from them yet so I guess we will be taking it day by day until we get a start time and place etc. However, We have discussed that we don’t want to start close to the weekend as we know what the taskings will be and we won’t be comfortable doing that in a first day back type off affair, so it could be looking at Monday, the start of the next block of rotas. 

It’s funny in a way, how many friends came out and messaged me the other week, people I’ve not spoken to for a very long time. I’ve been grateful for them all, one actually just popped up as I was writing this out… spooky. I’m a quiet person, always have been really. When I’m in a bad mood, I’m even quieter, but I’ve got people panicking because they want to talk about crap and I’m just nodding… not really listening and then I’m getting even more annoyed because they make a point of it all and it’s like they’ve been hard done to. Best option has been to remove myself from conversations. 

After not eating through the day on Monday, I treated myself to some real culinary delights on tuesday… cocopops with raw milk, and I fancied a pot noodle, so I called at the shop and got a ‘Bombay bad boy’…. I had it with a muffin/teacake/barm… let’s not get into that name debate now though. I know how to live! Today… tinned chilli wins 😂

I woke up today (Wednesday) with all the best intentions to do stuff… and again… well, I vegetated whilst watching the news. Some terrible things happening again, this time it’s a vicious, relentless fire that has ripped through a block of flats in London, so many questions to be asked about this, it definitely doesn’t look like the best situation, it’s 1100, roughly 10 hours after it started and there’s still flames licking up the side of the building and smoke billowing out. So many rumours flying about it at the moment, as with many recent events, only time and thorough examination will get the answers. 

About 18 months to 2 years ago, I had just finished a night shift l, midweek and was walking up my street when I noticed smoke billowing out of a window of a house. I sped my pace up and quickly went to a run. The front door was unlocked so I crept through, cautiously, shouting ‘hello’ there was a bloke in an armchair asleep in the front room, I managed to wake him and he was shocked to say the least, the smoke was coming from the kitchen, we peeped in and saw that it was the oven, flames licking up the back of it, he had a small fire extinguisher there and I managed to stop the flames. It transpired that he had fancied a pizza after getting home from the pub, drunk… and put it in the oven, from frozen, in the box! Anyway, the smoke, from such a small fire in a house was unbelievable l cannot imagine what it was like in this block of flats, the smoke, the heat, it must have been awful! 

Whilst I sat vegetating, watching the 24hour news, I rang Harley to chase the bike keys… the order is yet to be fulfilled, so that’s just great, no idea when they’re going to turn up… they have to be shipped from the states and then I have to fit in collecting them from the dealership in Leeds, get the bike MOT’d and tax it, I may be able to ride it before Christmas..? The lady I spoke to said she would call me back before the end of the day… she didn’t. I then had a phone call from one of the counsellors from the session last week call, which was nice. Just a quick follow up chat, seeing how I am. 

I know that I have no beer left… and I am trying consciously not to have any as I’ve drank far too much over the past few weeks… but, as the sun is out… I do fancy a nice fruity IPA…one won’t hurt!