Waking up to bad news… again!

Waking up to hear that some atrocity has taken place on our soil, is getting all to common…I didn’t sleep well at all last night, I had a lot of things going round in my head, along with the heat, it wasn’t the ideal mix. I got up a little earlier as there was not much point lying in bed listening to the neighbours getting up and going out to work. I switched the news on, as I do every morning and was confronted with yet another attack. This time, it looks like it is an Islamaphobic attack. A white fan, ran drove down the pavement and killed at least one person and injured at least eight more. These people were just coming out of a mosque, after breaking their fast and were congregating in the street, as they do every night, apparently…before going back in for a second prayer. The driver was apprehended at the scene by passers by, he was a 48 year old white male from Wales. Did they beat him senseless, no, just waited until the police arrived to take care of him. 

This, a year after Jo Cox being murdered on our streets, by someone that probably has listened to all the same narrow minded people spouting the same hate against other race and religions. 

What has this guy achieved..? Nothing… other than pleasing Isis, daesh, al Shabab and whoever else that is trying to create this anarchy. The leaders of all these fundamentalist groups must have woke up to this news this morning rubbing their hands together and most probably treated themselves to some crumpets. They have succeeded. They have created a divide. 

Today’s plan is it do the school run and get to Manchester for a return to work interview. I was early for the train again and ended up in Manchester Victoria a couple of hours before I needed to be over at Piccadilly. I had a wander through the centre and ended up doing a spot of people watching at Piccadilly before I walked over to the office at the agreed time, where I met up with my two colleagues. The meeting went well, decided my shift time for Tuesday and who I’d be paired with etc. The questions on the interview were… well rubbish, not what I was expecting at all, I was expecting them to amber a bit more thorough, I guess. After the interview, we went over the road to the Bulls Head for a cool drink and a bit if a chat. It was good, talking about random stuff… as well as the ‘usual’. 

As I was now going back to work properly, I decided that it was time to polish my work boots, I had already cleaned them and got rid of the blood and dirt. As I started polishing the boots… again… I could see blood in the welts of the boots… this made me have a bit of a… moment, is guess you’d say. 

I had been thinking of ringing Harley today, to check up on my keys and where they were…I’d probably have ended up being a bit snotty about it all I guess. Anyway, they saved me the job, they rang me, the keys were in, management could get them on her way home for work. 

I was a little unsure if the key would actually fit… but they did, it was like Cinderella and the glass slipper. The Harley didn’t start and I ended up killing the battery, I know why, I pulled the choke out and hit it back in with my knee…. school boy error to say the least! I managed to get the battery off and on charge, ready for tomorrow morning. 

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