In at the deep end…

This morning, I wake up with a list of jobs…not a massive list but a list all the same! School run, battery on bike, hopefully an MOT and then back home and off to work. The logistics of which aren’t fully mapped out as yet. If I get the bike mot’d I’d love to go to work on it. The station I’m starting from is right in the centre of Manchester and there’s not much parking but for bikes… I’ll be ok. Otherwise it will be a rush… luckily, it’s a little cooler than it was yesterday. School run was a breeze, as usual, then quick stop at home to get the battery and some tools and what not. 

I put the battery on and pulled that choke out… making sure it stayed out this time… started first time! What a dick! Anyway, that was it, called the MOT place and they said if I could get there in 30 minutes… they would do it whilst I waited. Perfect. 

So I set off, it was great getting out on the Harley again, taking it easy. Then, I sat at the traffic lights and a car pulled up next to me over shooting the line, and really close to me, I looked to my left and saw the guy was talking on his phone, so I knocked on his window and did the international sign la gauge for phone, this ruled him somewhat and he began shouting, he tried to open his door, but couldn’t because it was hitting my foot peg, he couldn’t even get a foot out.. that’s how close he was to me… so I was in the right.. well, I think anyway! His passenger got out and was trying his best to be intimidating, but failed, the lights changed and I set off, leaving them. I knew they’d follow… Of course, they did, I got through one set of lights and then they threw a bottle of water out of the drivers side window at me and shot ahead so they could stop at the next, I let them do that I could weigh up my options… they stopped at the lights and got out… I sailed on past them… oh dear. I got on to the dual carriageway, as did they, but I just did what I would normally do and split through the lanes. 

I got to the MOT place 35 minutes later… they had already logged on to the computer system and started to MOT a car, which of course isn’t a problem, just a pain for me and my timings. After all, I was a late booking. They said they’d be 45 minutes and I could go back and get it done then, so I went to the Shell petrol station just up the road and filled up with some of that lovely V Power stuff that they do, sat on the grass that was adjacent to the forecourt, admiring the bike and… well… nothing, it was great. 

When I got back to the garage, still a little early, I got thinking about my timings. I was going to be 45 minutes at the garage which will take me past 1100, I need to get the bike back to my storage location, another 20-30 minutes, then get home in the car, get changed for work and leave, with a 40-45 minute journey ahead of me, so that I get there early enough to find a parking space and start at 1300. Yeah… I don’t think it’s going to happen. If the bike passes its mot, I can go back to my car and get my stab vest out of it and ride home, leaving my car there, get ready for work and ride to work on the bike. Quickest option, the most logical option.. providing it passed, other than, I will need the car in the morning to do the school run with… I could get a taxi to school and walk home, it’ll be a nice day for it… I could see if management could get a lift to pick it up…? I suppose I’ll just have to wait for 45 minutes to see if it has passed or not…

The guy came out, looked it up and down, he appreciated it, asking questions about it all, I always like it when someone takes the time to talk to me about it, it isn’t what it seems…

He rolled it into the workshop and looked it up and down, doing his thing, rolling it onto the rollers to check the brakes, rolling a contraption out to check the headlight. At this point, the engine was running and booming away in the reasonably sized workshop. A couple of the lads that were we’re also working there came over for a nosey, again, asking about it, having a good look. Then, he checked the lights… one indicator wasn’t working.. everything else was so positive… nooooo! The guy said, don’t worry, we will sort it matey. I checked them all last night, even though it wouldn’t start, I still did a good check over of everything… it was fine… anyway, he did the last bit and said, do you want to wheel it back out side for me. I had the same sort of feeling as when you do your driving test. As I was outside, I inspected the rear indicator, I found that a bullet connector had come loose… plugged it back in and it was flashing away. Great stuff! The guy was nearby so I called him over and told him that I knew it was working.. he laughed and said, don’t worry, it has passed! Phew! That’s a relief. 

So…. it begins, mad dash back to the storage place, bike in the garage and tucked away, then back home to get changed for work. I had pretty much sorted most things out but hadn’t made any lunch or dinner to take with me. I walked through my front door at 1152… got changed, whilst throwing a pit of cottage cheese down my throat and left. I noticed a missed parcel delivery card stuck in the letter box, that is Sod’s law right there! The first day I’m not in the house, I miss a parcel…! Oh well. I left the house at 1207. Relatively ok journey other than someone in another Astra, what is it with astra’s today..? Anyway, they were constantly cutting me and others around us up whilst following satnav and not knowing where they’re going. I got to work in good time, well, with about -0 minutes to spare, luckily, there was a staff parking space left as well. 

I have been paired with a good friend for a couple of weeks, we’ve worked together for years and he started with this company 4 weeks or so ago and this would be our first shift together, which was a good thing to look forwards to in it’s self. 

I shit you not… five minutes into my first shift back at work, a young boy came over to me, well spoken, extremely polite, asking for my help with his mother. She had a pre existing heart condition and wasn’t feeling well. You can’t make it up. Anyway, I of course went over to see if I could help. We managed to get a wheel chair sorted and took her into the only air conditioned room in the the train station… well, it’s the only room actually, it was around 26°c outside! When on the room, she passed out, we had already called for an ambulance as the woman knew exactly what the outcome would be, even the passing out bit as it has happened quite a few times. This was all whilst her young boy stood and watched, mustn’t be a nice feeling to have it happening to you but must be just as bad watching your mum going through that! She did regain consciousness again, and she did pass out again, but she was fully aware and was having conversations with us and her boy. Surreal! They went to hospital in an ambulance, the best place for her. I hope that she is ok. 

After this, back in at the deep end, so to speak, the shift went well. Had a good laugh with my mate, had a subway sandwich as a treat for our dinner. The whole thing wasn’t quite as bad as I had expected… but I will say, wearing a stab vest, in this heat… is just naaaaaaasty!